Hey there! I am a midsize gal, living in the midwest.

I'm originally from the Sunshine State and moved to the Land of 10,000 Lakes with my family about 8 years ago.

We are loving the change in seasons and I love that I get a new wardrobe about every time the season changes! I like to buy things on sale but I also like a good quality piece of clothing.

For reference, I am a size 8-10 in jeans, 32H bra size. I weigh 165 pounds, and I'm 5'6" tall.

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The Midsize Mama

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Minnesota Winter Lasts Forever

By Brandy | March 4, 2018

Well, it’s negative 10 degrees today in the Twin Cities and Mama is just about over this freakin’ cold. Okay, I’m seriously over it. I won’t lie, it has done a number on my psyche this year. (Currently, I am not earning anything off the links I am supplying here. These are not affiliate links.)

Big Boobs: Bras That Fit and a ThirdLove Review

By Brandy | February 20, 2018

If you’re like me, you’re a woman who has searched her entire life for the best fitting bra. Well, maybe not your entire life, but certainly since you started buying your own bras, not the training bras your Mama bought you. I know that you’ve probably been inundated with the ThirdLove bra ads on social…

Too Much of a Good Thing?

By Brandy | January 27, 2018

I’ve often been told I’m too much. Too loud, too overbearing, too mean. I tell it like it is, frequently. I don’t necessarily try to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I am too old to pussyfoot around what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m calling this my #yearoftruth and I’m not afraid to call people out on…

The Mama Meltdown

By Brandy | January 26, 2018

I recently had a Mama Meltdown. You know the kind. You’re stressed. You’re under pressure from the day and one tiny little thing just sets you off. For me, it was my adult-sized son pooping in his pants. He didn’t make a huge mess. It certainly could’ve been worse but the code brown, while I…

Tips for Air Travel With Kids and Kids With Special Needs

By Brandy | January 11, 2018

We are traveling again. Soon, our family of four will be packing up and heading out to a family wedding. This entails us (me) packing for four people, planning the dog’s stay at Grandma’s house while we’re gone, and of course, making all of the travel arrangements. The hubs tries to help, but honestly, he’s…

Saying No Hurts No One

By Brandy | December 15, 2017

Why I Limit My Children’s Schedules I met up with a friend of mine the other day and she was so exhausted. She looked completely wiped out and said she was just run down. I couldn’t help but notice that she had bags under her eyes and looked really exhausted. I was and still am…

Family Guilt Trips

By Brandy | October 24, 2017

A Family Trip I Don’t Enjoy Sometimes, family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, I absolutely LOVE my family. I would do anything for my husband, kids, sister, brother, the in-laws, nieces, and nephews. This includes the family I’ve chosen for myself, the friends who are family, or framily. But there are…


By Brandy | October 18, 2017

We’ve seen it. We’ve seen the hashtag that is going around on social media about sexual assault or sexual harassment. It’s been very disheartening to see how many of my friends have been affected by another person abusing them. And typically, it’s perpetrated by a man who is in a position of power. When we…

Mind Your Own Bees Wax

By Brandy | October 13, 2017

Lately, I’ve just become fed up. Fed up with others telling me how to live my life, and how you should live yours. As moms, we are inundated with “mommy-shamers” who tell us every day we are doing this Mom thing all wrong. It’s my gut instinct to just ignore this unwarranted advice – actually,…

Why I’m Glad My Child Questions Authority

By Brandy | September 28, 2017

One of my children has special needs. One of my children does not. Ri is completely neurotypical and goes through everything 10-year-old girls do. Because my kids are so developmentally different, I struggle to parent my youngest without losing my patience. I find that with my oldest, Jamie, I have an infinite amount of patience…

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