Dependable, Loyal, People Person

I am a hard-working woman who loves fiercely but also keeps my boundaries set. I expect a lot from others because I give so much of myself to them.

I'm a people person who at times needs to veg in my bed all alone when the world has taken the heart on my sleeve and twisted it until it's no longer recognizable, which can happen more than I care to admit.

I'm also a born leader.

Even though I'm a "middle child" I do not exhibit any of the classic behaviors as I am steadfast, determined, ready to lend a hand, and I am outgoing and social.

I have been described as "intimidating" by others and I choose to believe it's because they don't know how to handle a strong woman. Of course, that label has become a source of pride for me.

My family consists of Joel (husband who does everything he can to support his family and show me his love every day), Jamie (adult son with autism and cerebral palsy), Riley (teenage daughter who is too smart for her own good), Abby (pound puppy, Dachshund/Jack Russell mix), Beauregard von Wigglepaws (standard poodle puppy) and me (40-something woman who vacillates between wanting to be taken care of like a kept woman and wanting to run the entire damn world because nobody knows how to do it right).

That's just a little bit about my personal life.

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